Franceleslia Millien
Franceleslia Millien, an up-coming senior at Frederick Douglass Academy II and April fool’s baby enjoys discovering all the risky aspects of life. It’s all about the enrichment and the seeking of knowledge (scholar) and the fun life. Life shouldn’t be taken seriously is one of the many mottos that she follows which probably can explain why she has taken up the title of “class clown” at school. Frankie loves the performing arts, musical theatre in particular. Being in the spotlight is a regular ordeal that she has to deal with and has become accustomed to publicly presenting herself. Taking up the responsibilities of a young lady yet still recognizing her role as a member of the youth categorization,
Francie has learned to balance her life. From handling programs such as the Young Ambassadors Program for The Ubuntu Fund in partnership with South Africa, Double Discovery Center at Columbia University, a partnership program at Barnard College, Junior Scholars Program at the Schomburg Center, an internship in the corporate offices of the P.R. department of the clothing store J.Crew, to the Phoenix Sorority and so many more to name, Francie has practiced fully balancing her responsibilities outside and inside of school. Only 17 and she has accomplished so many goals in her life that have and still are helping her evolve and mature. Having been inspired by public speakers, civil rights activists, women, her parents, The Simple Life, America’s Next top Model, HarlemLive, her former principal, Broadway shows and her family’s success, Francelelslia is still working extremely well putting her best foot forward towards high school and future success as a performer or business leader. “WITHOUT STRUGGLE THERE IS NO PROGRESS” still resides within her heart and mind as she travels throughout this world studying, seeking knowledge, growing and having the fun a young maturing young lady should have!


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