Gabrielle Denson
My name is Gabrielle Denson and I am 17 years old. My birth day is July 19 and my zodiac sign is a Cancer. In many ways I do contain many traits of a Cancer such as being caring and kind hearted to my friends and family. I attend Manhattan Village Academy
which is located on 22nd street. My school contains a little over 300 students and is a very small setting. The school that I attend is also liberal arts school. Next year I will be entering my senior year in high school which I am anxious about. After high school I would like to attend college and major in Sports Medicine or Nutrition or Journalism. Through summer youth, I was able to learn about Harlem Live
which I was very interested in due to it dealing with journalism. I felt that Harlem Live would enable me to see the many aspects of journalism, which is very important to me due to my interest in journalism as a college major. I would describe myself as open-minded, smart, and creative. My interest in life include
reading, hanging out with my friends, and just having fun.
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