Kuamel Stewart
 Greetings. Nah thats corny. Whats sup viewer. My name is Kaumel but my tag is Melo. I go to Martin Luther King high school on the west side. You could probably say I’m a pretty cool person. I would say I’m grounded or pretty much would like to be. I’ into poetry and other forms of creative writing. My most prominent aspiration is to be become a writer, but that will probably be overshadowed by my childhood dream of studying law and political science. I also have an interest in graphic design and architecture. But enough about the dreams.
If you wanna know me for real here it is. I believe I’m quiet but I’ve suffered some great opposition to that but thats alright. People say I’m a good listener. I’m not saying I’ll hear your problems and give you advice I just listen well. I’m really dedicated academically and thats probably my prime focus for right now. But the quickest way to get to know me is through poetry honestly. Poetry gets me goin so to speak so if you want a long conversation with me just criticize my work. haha.
In other news: I joined HarlemLIVE because I could pursue my dream of writing through journalism here. I know its a lot of work but I am willing to complete the tasks handed to me because I know in the future I’ll be doing the same thing. Plus I like to perform my work and HarlemLIVE gives a chance to do that on a regular basis. Also the people here show some of the same characteristics so we all have something in common. Besides here I’m in a couple of other programs like my after school program. I also attend a program at Columbia University called Upward Bound at The Double Discovery Center. There cool programs but not better than HarlemLIVE, I think.
If you would like to know more or have any additional questions you could email me at mmelowrites@yahoo.com or IM at melo418 (aim).
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