Mattew Sneh

What it izzzzz! My name is Matthew Sneh. I am a junior attending Frederick Douglass Academy II High School. I was born on March 28, 1990. I like dancing, playing basketball, singing, and a varierty of other things. I am into music,martial arts, and fasion. I am not sure what carrer or job I want to pursue in the future. I’m thinking about going into the entertainment field, business, or fasion industry. I try to get involed in many activities to keep myself on point. Being in harlem live will help me learn new skills that will later benit fit me in life. I amm lookin forward to a good summer at harlem live. I know the work that I produce this summer will be on point. the staff that I'm working with at harlem live are cooperative and work well. when i need help with anything, the staff members are there to help and.when i joined harlem live, thy taught me thingsthat i never new. by joining harlem live, i learned how to use the camera

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