Ranale Todman
My name is Ranale Todman  and I have been apart of
harlem live for  four days. My first few days have
been good  I've met a lot of new people like Richard,
Kevin, Mera. Brad, Jonathan, chris, Torin, Curtis,
Tara, Shem, Melvin, Justin, Danya, and more.I first
herd about Harlem live from a couple of friends
solomon, Tyrell,and frisco, I got in to Harlem Live
through summer youth from Minisink on 142st .So far I
like Harlem Live It  feels like a very comfortable
place to be in where you can met and make friends and
have a little fun.Sense I have been here I have been
learning mostly in the photo and video section about
how to use the camera's the computer's the Lowell LT
Light's, and how to edit video's.When I came to Harlem
Live I didn't know what to expect but I wasn't
expecting this,. 
I was clueless to what I thought Harlem live was going to be about.Now sense I know what this organization is about I am happy to be apart of it. I think Im going to be apart of Harlem Live for a while because It is going to help me learn a lot about technology that I have not use before.The reason that harlem Live is such a good organization is because not only do you get to have fun with all the new equipment but you get to learn about it too.For example what ever topic you choose once you join the program like video,photography, journalism exc. you take a class about it first before you start your project with your group.The reason that this is good is because what ever you learn here you can take it
with you on to school your job or where ever you go



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