Kareem Smith
Journalist / Video

    There are many reasons that technology is very important the simplest and most complex things in this world surround technology. I this essay I will briefly describe some of the many attributes to technology, as well as my interest and what I know and previous knowledge.

              As a member of the Harlem live team I wish to achieve Knowledge in Journalism web, design but most of technology. The reason why I want to explore the wonderful world of technology is because the world we live in is surrounded by technology and soon if we fail to stay well educated our great nation will slowly fall of the pedal stool on which it now stands.

            The important classes which I already participated in has thought me many things that tray already begun to teach.   Such as parts of a professional camera, that the air bubble must be centered on the tripod and things of that nature. These things will help discern if I really want to go into the media field after college.

            I plan to dedicate at least eight hours of my time a week to Harlemlive in the coming school year so this experience definitely will no be time wasted. As much as I have a desire in learning video I strive to conquer all parts of the media program here at Harlemlive. It is my personal belief that this will make my knowledge of video technology much better, it will also challenge me to learn everything, which will stimulate my mind.

This experience which is like no other program I have ever experience will be my most challenging experience yet, In conclusion I hope to use this opportunity that is truly a treasure to discern my future .


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