Franky Lambe
Web Editor

 My name is Franky Lambe and I am introducing myself. My favorite color is blue and The reason why I like the color blue is because, When I see blue I think of peace and/or something being accomplished. I also like to eat a lot. You are probably thinking what does this boy Franky Lambe like to eat. Well I basically can eat anything I want and when i want. Just know anything you like I bet I will eat before you can. Not being a competitive person but I can eat a lot as said before. I lived in Harlem and I love my mother and love to bother my sister. I like to write about alot of things such as exposees and that is something I can do well. I like girls the reason why I say I like girls is because I am a very smooth talker. I would like you to be my e-mail Editor. Please and Thank you and have a good day. My Personal Blog name Franky
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