Maurice Gadsden
My name is Maurice Gadsden I was born on January 16,1993 and I work at HarlemLIVE. I’m going to tell you a little bit about myself, I like to play all types of sports especially basketball,baseball,and football. Those aren’t the only sports that I play but those are my favorites.
Being here at HarlemLIVE, I see that this is my type of enviroment. I like the fact that this HarlemLive is such a laid back place. When you first meet me I may seem a little wild and hyperactive but im not, really I’m calm and collected. Also I’m a real smart person eventhough at times I may not act like it, but i did take my regents in the eight grade. Although I only passed one of my two regents exams, I am highly educated. I can speak latin and a little spanish. I also read at a college level.To see what happens in my daily life go to
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