Raven Roberson

A wise man once said “Art is not what you see its what you make others see.” That is why I am intersted in Harlem Live. Teeagers are able to expose what they know and how they feel through media which is a form of art. Harlem Live focuses on the social skiils in life that school does not teach you.

I was invited to the ichat with Collin Powell and there is where I met two members of Harlem Live. I was impressed with there questions and wanted to know more about Harlem Live. I took a pamphlet home and emailed you for more information. I know I can contribute alot considering I network with alot of people and I intern during the day. I will be able to interview them and get their opinions for stories. This is why I know I can be a important member to my team as well as Harlem Live. I am also willing to learn from whatever Harlem Live is willing teach.

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