Eddie Aung -- Former Editor-in-Chief

I remember that moment. It was around 10 pm. I can even remember the exact date. March 22, 2000. I was near the window with my feet cold from 13 hours of flight. I peered out the window. All I could see first was the flickering lights under the gray clouds. I lost track of the lights for a while as the plane descended through the clouds. Then again I could see the lights again. But this time more clearly and vividly. That was my first time to see the beauty of New York from the sky. I went numb for a second and couldn't believe that I was actually going to step foot on the city that the whole world is talking about. It was a new experience for me. My dad was waiting for us, my mom, my sister and I at the airport. I headed for the exit and walked through the first automatic door and I started to get excited. I stopped between the two sliding doors. I felt like I was on the border line; behind me was the old world and in front of me was the new world. I took a step and the automatic door opened and the chilling wind gushed in. I stepped outside the airport and took a deep breath. I didn't know why but I stood there for a while. Along the ride from Newark to my new house, everything was new to me, especially the Verrazano Bridge.

I'm from a country called Myanmar. Well it used to be Burma. Life there was ordinary. I woke up every morning and go to school. Come back from school and do what I had to do. Everything was good for me there except my future; I have good friends. However education system is corrupted and there is no freedom of speech. The education there does not encourage creative ideas and concepts. Everything goes by the book. And the future of a student's education level depends on how much money he has. No political talks in school. No such thing as the discussion about the government between the teacher and the students and such things are considered illegal. If anyone dare tried, he will not be seen the next day. The school library has nothing except comic books. No Charles Dickens or Shakespeare.

I've always wanted to be like those successful people who started out their lives from uncertain situations. I felt like I'm like them, having passed through the hard times and starting a new future in New York. That is where HarlemLive comes in. I take it as a nurturing ground for all teenagers who want to be successful in the future. Working at HarlemLive is a life changing experience for me. Now here I am. I now really know who I am. I am the kind of person who will get what he wants. The word "Impossible" is not in my dictionary. Let's just say that I'm determined, inspired, and never give up until I win. Yep.., until I win.

Not enough? Describe myself more?

Oh,..sorry. Well,. I like writing, but not a writer in my heart. So what are you??? Well,..Let say I'm kind of a.....what's that word? Oh... yeah, "Science Freak." Yep, I love astrophysics; own all of Stephen Hawking's books. I graduated from Beacon High School with honors in Science and Social Studies. Are you a ,.. Yes. Yes, I'm a straight A student. School ain't that hard. Education is really important for me. That's why I didn't follow my family to Washington DC when they moved. Didn't wanna be in a new school in senior year. Hey,... I've travel thousands of miles. I don't feel like traveling anymore. I'm in the bowling and chess team in school. My dad taught me when I was like 7 how to play chess. No,.. I've never been a chess champion, but trying to be one. If you wanna know more about me, send me an e-mail.. "eddyniso@yahoo.com"

Update 06/13/06

Wow,...what a ride. I can't say how much I love this organization. Now, I'm back in New York after 2 years of absence. The 411 on me right now is that I have my own business working as a technology consultant. What will I be in 5 more years? I'm sure I'll be doing something exciting.

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Presenting in front of a class at Columbia Teacher's College
Youth Leadership Conference at Washington DC


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