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Reporter / Writer

Wuz up people? I am a very proud harlemlive alumni. This site has come along way and continues to do its thing. When I first started at harlemlive I loved the atmosphere and the people. I also enjoyed writng and reporting, which opened doors for me that helped pave the way for my college education. Harlemlive is not just another afterschool program for youths but it is a place where talented teens gather to exchange ideas and skills. I also met the best person here khalid. He is my best freind. always and forever.

Aside from my personal feelings about Harlemlive...I am a student at the University of Vermont. I am holding it down over there and keeping my grades tight. I love working with people and helping them get where they got to go. My goals are to pursue a career as a secondary education instructor and a counselor in the city. Anyway, I have to bounce... email me at ebonymeyers@hotmail.com


(Hear Ebony's shout out)


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