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Elliot Price

Web editor

It's been a while since I last updated my profile, so let's see if you can take it all in. Life has been good. I'm still the funny fashion minded guy I was four years ago. But now I just have a better head on my shoulders. Growing up faster than expected I quickly grasped what it is to be independent. I'm currently attending Georgia State University, with a concentration in Business Marketing. And just finished my Spring 06' semester with a 3.8. But to me it's not enough, I want and need bigger and better. I want a degree, a car, and much more. More might not even be enough, I don't think I will ever be happy with anything. This is the reason why my life is in constant transition. But peep my old profile below.......stay in touch


Hey everyone this is your favorite Harlemlive Web Editor Elliot Price. From posting stories, to teaching students PhotoShop, I do it all. And I give a big thanks of my knowledge to the one and only strength of my life Jesus Christ. I currently attend A. Philip Randolph High School for studies in engineering, Besides working 24/7, I enjoy just hanging out. One of my favorite hang out spot is 42st.Where something is just bound to happen.


I first joined Harlemlive at the age of fourteen, I'm now sixteen and academically stronger than ever. Harlemlive has been a dream come true. So keep in touch and look for my name in up coming stories. ONE.

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