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Enita Okodiko


Wassup, This is Enita Okodiko representing Bed-Stuy to the fullest. Born and raised in Brooklyn for 17 years now. I attend A. Philip Randolph High School where I have one more year left. I'm also the captain of the boy's track there. Track is a major part of my life now that I'm competing for a track scholarship for the top division 1 colleges in the nation. Next year I'm looking forward to breaking school records from every running event from the 55m dash to the 800m dash. And if not the top but one of the in city or nation in the 400m and 200m dash. The top will be better and more like me.

I have been apart of HarlemLive for three years now. And in this three years I had many different experiences. I interviewed many people in the NYC community from rappers like K7 and Ty Bless to senators and city councilmen and local business and organizations in the community. Here at HarlemLive I was able to learn many things from making WebPages to know how to use all this cameras and video cameras. I feel that all the work and skills I learned here will help me in the long run when I go to college or after college when I'm looking for a job. I know that I'll have a head start over most people because I been in a real work environment for three years and have all the basic skills.

Besides all of that garbage I mention above I'm a real cool person to be around. Some people say I'm mad funny, I think that I'm not that I just keep it real. If you think that the truth is funny then hey its funny but I'm talking too much now I'm leave now. 1

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