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Giancarlo Morillo

Web Designer


Hi. My name is Giancarlo Morillo. I am 15 and a web designer for Harlem Live. I currently attend LaGuardia Highscool where I am majoring in percussion. I was born on June 10th of 1984 at Lenox Hill. I'm a Gemini (in case you didn't know).

I like hardrock and metal. e.g. KoRn, Stain'd, Machine Head, Subsist, Pantera, Disturbed, NIN, Marilyn Manson, Skin Lab, Ill Nino, UltraSpank, Stabbing Westward, Slipknot, fear factory, sevendust, tool, static - X, system of a down, dope, powerman 5000, puya, chevelle, canderia, P.O.D., deftones, bush, crystal method, prodigy, etc.


email: digeratimedia@hotmail.com

Other Sites I've done:


coming soon...Faust.com