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Jean Charles

Reporter / Photographer / Editor

Jean CharlesHello my name is Jean Charles. I was born in 1981 and I currently attend City College as a Freshman. I want to major in computer science. I heard about HarlemLive through Richard Calton, at an internship with Community School District 4, where I served as his assistant in solving technological problems (with Macintosh systems). The work included maintaining computer networks in schools, and sometimes repairing them.

I live in Manhattan on the East Side (definitely not the upper east side): East Harlem or El Barrio to be exact, with my aunt and cousins. Like many families we are working hard to make our dreams our personal realities.

My favorite things to do are read (Favorite book is 1984 by George Orwell), play FootBall (I don't Like Basketball), turn up the volume on T.V and stereo to maximum loudness when my aunt's not home, think, eat and of course sleep. And I am definitely not lazy but I don't have a job.

Since then, I have graduated from High School, as you Know already, with another regular Harlemlive staff, Jordan Gonzalez.

And now I am just focusing on my writing, which this excellent and extraordinary program -- Harlemlive -- is letting me do and it's working. I think this program, or maybe I use it, as briefing before the war -- my life from college and beyond. The group participation help me deal with people's whose attitude or point, I may not like, but the staff at Harlemlive is so interesting you can't not like these people.

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