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Jerlena Rhodes

Writer / Editor/ Photographer


Hi, my name is Jerlena Rhodes. I was born on August 16th, 1982. My sign is Leo . I attend John F. Kennedy Hifh school. I major in the field of law and it is my favorite subject. My weakest subject is math.

I really don't like that subject. My goal is to finish High School and attend College hopefully at NC state to become that Lawyer I always wanted to be. I plan to spend a massive amount of years in college because I am going to strive for my doctrine degree.

I love attending Harlemlive. It is very fun and educational. I learned many techniques over the period of time I have been here. Many things such as:computer skills, interviewing techniques, ( being social with others), and photography skills have been here since June 1998 and it has helped me in a number of ways. I met many people which was a great experience. On my free time I like listening to music, reading, and studying law. I love hanging with my friends and having fun. My favorite rap groups are the Lost Boyz and Jay Z, Biggie and 2-pac are some of the greatest too. They are all holding it down! I also enjoy listening to other types of music like the Oldies. The oldies are the originals so you gotta love them. Especially Marvin Gaye. I just love all music. My favorite sports are Volleyball and Basketball. I love making new friends each day and just living in general. You can e-mail me at: Bigmama50@hotmail.com





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