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Kerly Suffren

Contributing Writer


Kerly in his writing Mode

Hi my name is Kerly Suffren . I was born July 19, 1980. I am attending Martin Luther King JR high school. I enjoy playing basketball and riding bikes with the Urban Youth Bike Corp. I love having fun and going to parties. I'm very good at writing and I enjoy writing poetry.

I live with my mother, my younger brother and my grandmother .I'm looking to have fun and to make the best out of life.


I enjoy writing with the HarlemLive group because it's very fun and educational. I learn how to use computers and how to go about taking information and applying it to every day work. I encourage anyone to come in and help us.

~ See my home page and my essays on elevating your mind and This Place ~

Kerly having fun.

The way news and events are distributed to the world today, there always seem to be some such difference in the truth. HarlemLive enables us to not only distribute news in a timely fashion but also in an honest fashion.

HarlemLive is simply a communication system that involves Harlem and the rest of the world. The crew consists of young teenagers dedicated to letting the world know the movements and the events taking place in our surroundings. The crew decides what stories and events that they find important and whatever else they choose to let the world hear.

With the help of several role models, the HarlemLive crew is able to seek help whenever needed. Richard Calton is the founder of the HarlemLive news, after his idea of reaching to the world and, better yet of having kids reaching out to the rest of the world. His work is simply voluntary, and we are thankful for his help.

To whom much is given much is required, we are proud to say that we are blessed to have such talent and to receive such opportunities to be young news casters, we are blessed to be surrounded by such positive role models and such life changing chances. Our goal as reporters is to expose the truth. To help the world notice the difference in our society and to hopefully make a difference.

Email me at: ksuffren@harlemlive.org

Please Check out the Urban Youth Bike Corps


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