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Khalid Muhammad

Hi, my name is Khalid Muhammad. I was born in New York City (Harlem World), on September 4, 1983. I have a wonderful family: a mother, father, and two brothers. WELL Harlemlive has taught me a lot and gave me the knowledge I needed to move on. I now attend a school in the middle of nowhere. The name of my school is Eagle Rock School, located in Estes Park Colorado. I like this new school because I get to experience various activities that I never done in the inner city. I also met the best person in the world Ebony Meyers. She's my best freind. ALWAYS and FOREVER.

I signed up for HarlemLive because when get older I want to be a computer technician. I came here to improve my computer skills so I can obtain my goal. HarlemLive is a wonderful program. HarlemLive Advisors taught me how to download pictures using Photoenhancer and Kodak Picture Transfer. I also learned how to build Websites from scratch by using HTML.















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