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Malik Wilson


My name is Malik Wilson. I enjoy doing stories and interviewing people with HarlemLive. I was born September 11, I now attend Public School Repatory Preforming Arts High School. People always ask me if I'm scared to just go up to someone and interview someone and I just say there just people like you and me.

(June 3, 2006: Read an Update about Malik)
My major is Acting. I am studying to become a great actor like Samuel L. Jackson. I still look forward to becoming a professional dancer.

I think HarlemLive is a good program for kids to get into, this way they can stay out of trouble. I will continue to do stories for HarlemLive.

June 3, 2006: With major changes in my life I have found myself back at HarlemLive. I came back to visit to see how the program that has helped shaped hundred's of kids into great people. Before my sophomore year of high school my father put me in a student exchange program and sent me Dakar, Senegal in West Africa. I left in October of 2000 and attended school and lived with an african family. After spending a school year in Africa I returned to New York. I did not go back to my previous school, I attended Washington Irving H.S. I graduated Class of '03. I look forward to coming back to HarlemLive and speaking to the new class of kids that come here and helping them through this great experience!

E-mail me at mwilson@harlemlive.org ~or~ malik_wilson@hotmail.com



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