Michael Popo: Consultant/Graphics/Artist/Reporter/Photographer
The Gang keeping it real for the Year 2Geesane

Welcome to my profile. I know the picture of me looks funny because it is so damn old. The point of it is just to give you a clue of who I am so that you don't disrespect me on the streets. I have been part of HarlemLive ever since Mrs. King my old high school teacher introduced me to Richard Calton. I really don't feel like typing the big story now so I will leave you with this brief intro about the situation. (Boy meets teacher, techer meets boy, teacher notices boy is smart, boy follows teacher to computer class one day, teacher introduces boy to other teacher, boy enjoys class, other teacher likes boy too so other teacher takes boy to class with him, boy is dragged to many classes, boy likes classes so boy becomes a member of class.)

(Hear Popo shout out)


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