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Oscar Peralta

Managing Editor

Web-site Manager




My name is Oscar A. Peralta. I was born on July 27 1983. I attend Central Park East Secondary School. I am a very friendly person and I make friends quickly. I am not scared to talk to people that I don't know.I think that sometimes I talk to much. I think that I have a good personality and that a lot of people like me. I like to make jokes and I like to make people laugh. I am 6'3" and counting. I play Varsity basketball for my school. I love playing basketball. That is what I do in my spare time. I plan to get good grades in school and pursue a carrer in basketball, but my first step is to get into a good college and try to play basketball for them. Then from there I will enter the NBA and play basketball for the Knicks, which is my favorite team. Syracuse and St Johns University are my first choices for college because they are the home team and I like their style of play. If I don't make it as a basketball player then I would like to have some type of computer profession. If not computers then I would like to be an engineer in architecture because ever since I was young I wanted to be an engineer in architecture. I like to design diffrent things and to build different things I have lost that dream and now I have focused on computers. Hopefully I make it to college and then the NBA so you could see the skills.

If you wanna check me out email me at paradox0727@aol.com









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