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Peterson Metellus

Reporter / Photographer

Hi my name is Peterson Metellus and I've just joined the Harlemlive program. The real reason why I chose to join this program is because you get to meet new people every step of the way.

You also get to work on the computers , which I think is a major step for my future. To me it looks like computers are going to rule the world.

I'm looking forward to be a leader for tommorrow. Hopefully, I could become very successful in the future and say that HarlemLive made a big difference in my life.

There's not a lot of youth that gets this kind of opportunity. Then there are kids that just don't want this kind of opportunity. They'd rather sell drugs out in the streets, thinking that's the way to go. Why? Because their whole enviroment is based on the criminal way of life. They see drug dealers on every corner, gun robberies in most of the daily stores.

For myself, I never had a easy way of life. Everything was always hard for me. Since I was four, my mother and grandmother always have tried to teach me how to be independent, so I don't ever need anyone to do anything for me. I learned how to cook, iron my own clothes, drive my own car, before I was sixteen. Pretty bold huh? I guess she taught me all of these things so one day if I don't have anything, I won't go and rob somebody,or kill myself for anything.

My mother never gave me everything I wanted. If I had ever asked my mother for anything that was in style she would buy it three months later. Why? Because if she was not able to give to me, I wouldn't go and steal or hate her for that. I also came from a poor background. My grandmother came to Canada from Haiti as an illegal alien fighting to get us to get us to the States so the hunger could stop. She worked day and night in the freezing cold, eating potatoes and hot dogs, just so we could put food on our table in Haiti.

There are more details that I just don't want to write about, because it hurts a lot. Every time my grandmother tells us those stories on how she suffered, it hurts a lot knowing that she did all that just for us. Just so that we could have a better education and a better life.


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