Kamal Muhammad: Video/Photographer


Hey! My name's Kamal. People here at Harlemlive call me Smiley or Giggles.

I was born March 8, 1987. I have two brothers named Kashif and Khalid. I attend the High School of Economics and Finance, where I'm studing to become an Entrepreneur. I would like to open a business that targets the youth. I joined Harlemlive to learn and experience the services this organization has to provide. It's a great opportunity to get out and learn about the community and the world. Harlemlive also prepares you for the outside world. Harlemlive is more than just an online magazine for me. It's a window of opportunity and a great way to understand how everything works in the world. Harlemlive is a gateway to sucess.

As time progresses I hope to see Harlemlive expand. If I become a
multi-millionare I will help out Harlemlive by providing the things that wasn't available to me during my attendance at HarlemLive

If you have any questions or comments you can e-mail me at Mal8260@aol.com

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