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Bernard Baffoe


Hey my name's Bernard Baffoe and I'm 17 yrs right now. That'll change after november 26. I was born in Ghana, came to the U.S. and have been here for a considerable amount of time. I saw a lot of things happen during those times; some good, and others just ruthless. I decided to join a good one and am here in Harlem. This fall, september 2002, I'll be starting at Boston College and I think it should be quite interesting there. I'm ready for both the academic and social life that it offers and I'm going to be a biology major in the pre-med program. Lastly, I'm not quiet the shout-out person but I'd like to show my people from the bronx –Hayes -ECP- Respite- and Tracey Towers that I'm representing here and Lastly but not the Least, My beautiful Lady Jennifer for the inspiration she gives me through everything.