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Frances Collada


Welcome! My name is Frances I'm 18 years old and I live in the Bronx. I just graduated from Theodore Roosevelt High School in the Bronx. I'm a very sensitive person. I like to go out with my friends. I plan to attend Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry this coming fall. My major is going to be accounting. My favorite colors are Pink/Blue. Let me tell you how I became a member at Harlem Live. A week before graduation I was asked to attend an interview at HL. I heard of HL by one of my counselors in school. I also read an article about what there up to and I was very interested. At HL they do a lot of work through computers and I like to work with computers. I have also designed my own web page and I took a HTML course in school. My hobbies are skating, reading, writing, dancing, listening to music, etc. I like to relax so I listen to slow jams and turn on some candles. By the way I like to collect candles and stickers. I also like flowers and teddy bears. Iím a very friendly person and I like to socialize. Iím also very outspoken.