Laura Holder: Web Editor
My name is Laura Max Holder. I was born and raised in Harlem on 139th Street. I will be a junior this fall at The Beacon School. Harlem Live came to my attention in three ways. First it was an option as community service through my school, second one of my friends chose it and told me about it, third one of m neighbors told me that they were hiring and to come check them out. My dad is a writer and my mom was an actress so I have been around writing and performing my whole life. I do not find it surprising that I have found an interest in both things. At this time I have found it easier to write than to perform, mostly because of my occasional shyness. For a little while I enjoyed writing poetry but when I think about a career I think it would be easier to find a job as a journalist rather than a poet. I have tried photography but I find that it is easier to have a vision than to capture it. I learned how to develop and process but my pictures never came out right. Another thing I learned in school was how to make a digital portrait. It came out very well and it was hung up in the school. I think thatÕs the work that I am most proud of. But enough of that school business. I donÕt have to think about that until September and I doubt I will until there. I spend most of my time either on the phone or hanging out with my friends. ItÕs the summer now and IÕm going to live it up.
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