Michael T. Wills, Jr.: Reporter/Photographer/Video Editor/Web Editor

My name is Mike - Legal Adult (old enough to vote but not to drink) - from St. Albans, Queens, NY. I am probably one of the nicest guys you will meet (over 6'2'' at least) who cannot say a mean word about anyone (although my deep voice confuses people at times).

But for real, Living in Queens, I basically have no choice BUT to play ball and I am actually good at it (Yes, I surprise even myself). I also play tennis (because I got cut from the baseball team). I actually learned tennis really fast was able to start and was a major contributor to our team's 4-year UNDEFEATED streak. Bowling is another sport that I love (High Game - 271). I am heading off to Polytechnic University in Brooklyn and planning to play ball there (Fighting Blue Jays).

See back in Junior High School (when I had foolish dreams...uuh I mean goals) I made this dumb AOL Screen name: NBA Marvel and I did not feel like changing it so- I still have itÉHit me up on it if you want to know something (No I don't need attention Đ IM me only if you want to).

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