Ashleigh Covington: Web Editor

Hello my name is Ashleigh I attended HarlemLive in the summer of 2003. I’m 20 years old. I work for an organization named Catalyst whose main goal is to help fortune 500 companies Strengthen their woman of color staff in more powerful positions. I will also be starting John Jay College in the fall of 2006. I'm working on becoming a forensics scientist because I have a passion for solving mysteries. I also like to teach, last summer I was in China teaching ESL Lessons to 6 graders.

Attending HarlemLive as a teenager has provided me with a large amount of experience, which helped me to make better choices in my life. As well as a great deal of Knowledge with writing and computer skills. I hope HarlemLive success only gets better as each year passes and I hope every member takes away something from this program.


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