Tamara Leacock, Arts and Culture editor

Hey. I'm Tamara Leacock, and a highschool senior at Friends Seminary. Overall, I love with all forms of art from dance, spoken word and poetry, visual arts and fashion to music and mixing. I have studied at Ailvin Ailey’s, Dance Theater of Harlem, and Ballet Hispanico. I studied visual arts and fashion design at my school, Parsons, and FIT and worked with fashion designers Lucy Barnes and Donna Dove and Harlem Textiles. Right now, I’m learning how to deejay. In college, I hope to study the social sciences, human relations, and possibly engineering in the fashion field. Overall, I live and breathe art. Personality wise, regardless of where I've worked and what I've done, I am an artist by heart. I learn visually, speak in metaphors, and walk in choreography. If you want to email me, talk about art, got an event you want known, email me at rhapsody2duende@yahoo.com. Peace.

Past Stories:

Hotel Rwanda and the Tale of Genocide: The Power of Ignorance, Denail, and Hate-
Commercial Gentrification In Harlem
Kiante Young, Young and Doin’ It

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