Kevin Benoit/ Editor -in-Chief

Kevin Benoit joined HarlemLIVE in June of 2004 in search of something to do with his summer. A paying position would have been great but an opportunity to give himself a self-stimulating experience turned out to be even more valuable. After leading his team through the summer youth media challenge he was named Editor-In-Chief for the 04-05 year.
Kevin joined HarlemLIVE when he was only 17 years old, now 18 he is a junior in college. Kevin has always been a dedicated achiever long before joining HarlemLIVE. His first writing came for his high school newspaper where after stepping up to lead writer he was named Editor In Chief. He eventually stepped away from the school newspaper and created his own paper to distribute through the school. He felt the school newspaper was far too censored so he developed a tool for students to express theirselves completely free of censorship. After graduating from his high school one year earlier than the average student he decided to start his own newspaper to be distributed all over New York City. Two months before joining HarlemLIVE Kevin created Parlé an urban entertainment publication.
One year after becoming HarlemLIVE’s E-I-C, Kevin has been promoted to Publisher. It is a job he is sure he will excel in. Kevin looks forward to what the future with HarlemLIVE holds and through it all he will work to make HarlemLIVE the best it can be.

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