Dejinay Reid
Hey Everyone! As you may know my name is Dejinay Reid. I attend John.F.Kennedy High school in the Bronx, where I am a senior. Currently I reside in the Bronx with both of my parents and my twin sister, Denaira Reid, which you can see on the staff page as well. I am seventeen years old and my birthday is September 19 and yes I am a Virgo. At HarlemLIVE (HL), I am one of the Marketing Coordinators, where my jobs is to sell HarlemLIVE ‘s name and find funding for the organization so we can continue to be Harlem’s # 1 youth online publication. I have an ample amount of goals that I am destined to accomplish at HL. My number one goal would have to be finding funding to keep HarlemLIVE alive and running well. In the next year I will hope to use the skills that I learned from HL and attend the school of my dreams Syracuse University in Syracuse New York. I know that HL has and will continue to enlighten and nurture me to be the person that I have always dreamed. As HL marketing coordinator I will fulfill my destiny!
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