Tyron Washington Photo Tyron Washington - Webmaster/Web Designer

     My name is Tyron Washington. I am currently a student majoring in information management and technology at the School of Information Studies (IST) at Syracuse University. The IST program bases its curriculum around the field of information technology (IT). I have an overwhelming interest in IT, because a lot of my time is spent on the computer and the internet if not playing basketball. I love to explore different aspects ot information technology and then create my own design of that technology (one example is web pages/sites). As an IT major, I can exercise my design skills and exploratory interest as much as feel. Not only do I enjoy myself academically in college, but also have a bright future a head. Currently the IT field is experiencing a drought in employees, and is therefore offering huge salaries plus benefits to incoming and potential employees (like me!). My college education will more than prepare me to fulfill the available positions in the IT field.

     I've been working with HarlemLive for almost three years now. I've worked on and off with designing some of the web site's sections. The Tour of West Harlem was my first project. I also redesigned the front page of the HarlemLive web site back in the summer of '97. Even though the design got great reviews, it was redesigned again shortly after. I'm going to continue more design-oriented projects here at HarlemLive.

Visit my Syracuse University home page at web.syr.edu/~twashing or you can email here at twashington@harlemlive.org.

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