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Antoinette Mullins

Intern (Reporter/Photographer)

My full name is Antoinette Teresa Mullins. I was born in New York City on May 21, 1985. I have two brothers, Randy and Marc, who are both in college. My mom is from Alabama and my father is from Barbados. Marc and Randy. Gimbya, our dog, is also apart of our family; she is almost 8 years old in doggy years.

I am a huge music fan. Right now, I'm a big fan of Linkin Park , Creed and India Aria. I'm also starting to like a lot of techno music. However, I really detest punk and heavy metal. Of course, I am a big movie and television fan. Some of my favorite movies are Run Lola Run (a german movie), Gods and Monsters, Dogma and Lord of the Rings. My current favorite television shows are Boston Public, Haunted, Alias, Six Feet Under, Scrubs, ED an ER.

I am a senior at Beacon High School, a technology school. RIght now, I'm going through the whole college process. I don't know exactly what I'm want to do, but I'm interested in astronomy and literature.

My hobby, other than listening to music and watching movies and tv, is writing. I write short stories and have made several attempts at a novels - but was never able to finish them. My talent is in writing poetry and I have a several notebooks, half - way filled with poetry (only halfway because I can never finish poetry notebooks as well). Here's an old sample - published on HarlemLive before:

How Have We Come To Be?

"What is your name?"

"My name is Pupil from the tribe of the Misguided"

"How have we come to be a world where a child must spend 12 years in school just to survive?
"Learning is Power!" That power holds nothing if you don't learn what truly matters.
Teach about the beginnings of the world, not the limits of it.
Read about the secrets of history and events of today, not the most available version of it.
Memorize that everything has meaning, not all of the facts."




"What is your name?"

"My name is Nobody from the tribe of the Lost"

"How have we come to be a people who do not know their true history?
We take the identity of the "common" world.
We turn away from culture and towards pop culture.
We learn the ways as they think they should be, not the ways as they truly are.
We are empty. "




"What is your name?"

""My name is Faithless from the tribe of Thoes-Who-Have-Drown"

"How have we come to be a kind without beliefs?
In the material things we seek we have lost imagination.
In our empty goals we have lost the ability to create in the mind's eye.
A society is doom when no one longer wonders,
a society is dead when no one longer dreams."