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Writing Arts/Essay

"Why Are You Here?"
by:Nadjia Jones

When asked this question in my writing class, I came up with the notion to give my professor, Mr. Adams,

some fancy answer that I presumed that he expected to hear. But to my surprise, when the professor re-

stated the question, he added one major part which seemed to change the question entirely, not to mention

my “perfect” answer that I had in mind. He asked the question, “Why are you here on this earth? What is your

purpose?” Now this left me utterly speechless. I found myself asking the question to myself over and over

again. I believe that everyone has it in them to lay down the foundation of their purpose. Once the foundation is

laid out, the bigger picture will reveal itself to me in a later time. Now that I am only setting the foundation

down, I find answering this complex question pretty simple. I am here on this earth to be unique, to take the

fashion world by storm with my designs, to pursue a field in medicine, and to keep amazing people while I

enjoy reaching new heights that I never would’ve thought I’d meet while watching the mouths of many drop. I

am here on this earth to be me, Nadjia Jones, and no one else. I am a one- of- a-kind person, a gem if you

will. There is no other Nadjia Jones on this planet, and to me that seems to be special enough to stand on its

own until life and time allows me to truly explore the answer to this question.

© Copyright 2004

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