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by:Aisha Al-Muslim

I was at my house combing my hair. Shawn Richardson would be here any minute to pick me up, so we can be on our way to School. I still wasn’t ready.
Suddenly, I heard the doorbell ring. I rushed to open the door. I knew that it would be Shawn. There he was standing and my hair was a mess.
Shawn and I have been friends all of our lives and I’m glad. We have lived in Brooklyn, New York since I can remember. His parents and my parents have been friends all of their lives too.
“ Jennifer. Are you ready to go?” Shawn asked me as I held a comb in my hands.
“Does it look like I’m ready?” I replied jokingly.
“Yes. You always look beautiful,” Shawn made me blush. I knew that he didn’t mean it since we are just “friends.”
Don’t play with me Shawn” I told him. “You can leave without me. I’ll catch up with you.”
“Okay, but hurry up,” Shawn suggested as he was walking away.
“For you anytime” I whispered. Hopefully he didn’t hear me.
I closed the door and ran back into the bathroom. I have liked Shawn since I was younger, but of course I couldn’t tell him. It’s more like I can’t tell him. We are like brother and sister. I won’t let anything mess with that relationship, not even my love for him.
I quickly finished combing my hair. I got my light blue jacket, which I was wearing with a light blue belt bottom jeans and a sky blue baby doll shirt.
I ran outside and saw Shawn walking down the block. I kept running. Shawn was about to cross the street. “Shawn wait!” I yelled out and he turned around.
I realized that was the worst mistake. “Watch out!” I warned Shawn.
A car was headed his way. The light had changed from red to green. It was too late. I realized it. The car came right at Shawn and hit him from the side. He flipped up into the air and fell on the ground.
I ran towards him. I didn’t even realized that I was crying. All I could do was run to him and help him. “Somebody call 911!” I screamed as I was bawling.
When we got to Kings County Hospital I called Shawn’s parents right away. The doctors had taken Shawn to intensive care. I couldn’t help but to feel guilty.
Shawn’s parents Monica and Howard Richardson arrived. “How’s Shawn, Jennifer?” Mrs. Richardson asked.
“Well right now he is in intensive care” I told Mrs. Richardson. I couldn’t help but to start crying again.
“Oh God! Help my son!” Mrs. Richardson yelled out, while sobbing.
Soon a doctor headed our way. “Are you Shawn’s parents?” The doctor asked.
“Yes,” Mr. and Mrs. Richardson echoed.
“You’re son is unconscious right now. Two of his ribs are penetrating his lung” He paused, “we’ll do our best.”
“Oh God! Help my son!” Mr. Richardson said.
I held Mrs. Richardson tightly as we both cried a new batch of tears. This is my entire fault. I could never forgive myself if Shawn dies. Why does this have to happen to him? I asked myself.
We have been in the hospital for almost 2 hours now and we haven’t heard a word about Shawn’s condition yet. I was starting to get worried. Once again the doctor read my mind.
“Shawn has just awakened. He requested to see Jennifer. Would that be you young lady?” The doctor asked.
I looked over to Mrs. Richardson who bowed her head up and down. “Yes, that would be me” I replied.
“Follow me” He ordered. I followed him into Shawn’s hospital room which was a little darker compared to what I had seen on television.
The doctor left the room. Leaving Shawn and I alone. I didn’t even want to look at him but I had to. He had tubes going through all parts of his body. He had two tubes that allowed him to breathe. Two were going up his wrists.
I was walking closer to his bed. I tried not to get too close, so that I wouldn’t touch anything. “I’m sorry Shawn, this is entirely fault,” I blurted out as I cried.
“Jennifer this is not your fault,” Shawn barely whispered. “I should have waited for you instead of leaving you.”
“No” I continued, “if there is anyone that should be sorry is me. If I would have been ready when you came instead of trying to look pretty. You wouldn’t have be here right now” I confessed.
“Look. I don’t care about whose fault it is,” Shawn whispered more loudly. “I just wanted to tell you that...” Shawn trailed off.
“What Shawn?” I asked nervously.
“I wanted to tell you that I love you,” Shawn admitted.
I couldn’t believe it. All I could do was looked at him. I was speechless. The time finally came that I wanted and I just stood there like I was a statue.
I have to tell him before it is too late, I thought. I looked Shawn deeply in his eyes. He was waiting for my response and I was ready to give it to him.
“I lo...” a beeping sound interrupted what I was ready to tell Shawn. Doctors rushed into the room.
A nurse held me by the arm, “You shouldn’t be here” She told me. I couldn’t move. I felt the room start to get dark. Suddenly everything went pitch black.
I looked around me. I felt my head start to hurt me. So I touched my head. I started to get up from where I was laying down.
“Finally. You have been passed out for an hour now” the nurse told me. “Take this” she suggested.
It was aspirins for the headache I was having. I took it from her and grabbed the glass of water she was handing tome. I swallowed the aspirins and drank some water.
“How is Shawn?” I asked worriedly.
She looked at me for a second. “He passed away,” She said gently.
I couldn’t help but to cry. I never got to tell Shawn how I felt for him. Even though I know we felt the same. I won’t have him by my side anymore. He always used to make me laugh. Without him I don’t know what to do.
I started to walk out the hospital room that I was in. In the hall there were Mr. and Mrs. Richardson. I looked at them sadly. I knew what they were going through.
“The funeral will be in three days” Mrs. Richardson informed me.
I kept on walking. I felt cold and lonely. I started walking out the hospital. If only Shawn knew how much I loved him, but now it is too late.
Never wait to tell someone how you feel, because you never know what can happen.
“Goodbye Shawn. I love you,” I whispered into the air.


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