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Police Brutality

So many individuals desirve changes but hardly put in the effort to bring abut such demands. Many fanticise of the perfect world, a world of equal opportunties, facilities and rights for all, but every so often we are again reminded of the harsh reailty of todays non-perfect world. A world that denise such equal treatment, aworld of hate and racism along with constent abuse on the minority communities.

It's respectable to say that over social status and improvement inthis world has physicly improve itself since the days of slavery. Today our communities strive and hunger more respect. We desire our rights and oppertunities. This community demand equal treatment, job opporttunities and most of all we demand respect. In our hearts we strive to be understood. We cry out to be heard and pry that our fantiacise come true.

Todays socity, a socity that is considered to be so highly respect in a high high level. A socity which is considered a role model to the rest of the world. We just cant afford to have such incidents take place, such as the one that took place on August 9th at 4am in Brooklyn's club Randez-Vous. Where a young black male violated by the police. He was later beaten and humiliated in the precint by being stript of his clothes and later to have a stick forced up is rectum by officers.

Such incidents and crimes are simply not tolerated by any community. This crime is a humiliating to our society, a humiliation to our world. These officers, the officers we pay to keep us safe, the one's we are supposed to feel secure around, are now the one's who we encounter and ask "Is this going to happen to me?"

These crimes, though many go on unreported, are the one's we should take action against. It is embarassing to the black community, as well as the white. These officers hold the title "New York's Finest", why don't they live upto the title. Whe can't afford to have New Yorks Finest commiting the worst crimes. It's simply unexeptable, and me as well as many others would agree, and we just can't tolerate it.






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