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Napster's Flatlining

by Justin Young



Napster. To some it was like untouched gold, rare in every sense of the word, but to others it meant the spoil of riches, a bane to their wallets. Various recording artists coupled with their high paid lawyers and hefty pockets, banned together for the first time in over a decade for one joint cause. This time they where not fighting to rid the world of hunger, but rather to denounce and put an end to the notorious Napster.

The young entrepreneur, Sean Fanning, had no idea that his home grown website, which he started about a year ago for college students, would have such an impact on the nation. Men and women of all ages and nationalities joined under one roof to pick the rich blessings provided by what some would deem a blessing. Napster, an alternative to pricey CD sales, have left most artists pinching their wallets.

The famous drummer, Lars Ulrich of Metallica, was the first to step up in the fight against the young college student. After which more artists started to step forward and voice their complaints.

The ninth circuit court ruled against Napster in it's plea to maintain the site. Fans everywhere are flocking to the site to grab what little is left, and I'm one of them.





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