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The New York City Life
by: Alex Rabin

Like clay, New York City has molded me into the man I am now. It is the place of my birth and, over time, it has become the core of my life, like a nucleus to an atom. It has edified my knowledge about the world, served as a haven and taught me how to live in our modern unruly society. I adore each and every miniscule part of it from opulent Manhattan, to ethnic Brooklyn. Each aspect of New York City contributes something and serves as a piece of a puzzle forming “The Big Apple.”

New York City is filled with important landmarks and florid artistry, such as the world-renowned Empire State Building and the Museum of Modern Art. These places have not only given me insight into life but by witnessing all the astounding arts and music, I have obtained a fondness for fine artwork. This has lead me to become a musician and an arts and music connoisseur.

Another thing the city has taught me is how to be determined and passionate. This aspect is demonstrated by the ardent fans of the New York teams and it really represents the effervescence of the city. It is especially seen in the Yankees -- the most prestigious, well-known sports team in the world --blessed with many achievements and revered legends, such as Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle. Living in New York, I am able to take a train and watch a game in the celebrated “House that Ruth Built”, enabling me to become a part of history, acquiring a feeling of unity and buoyancy.

This city has also made me a universal person because traveling around New York City is like going to different countries. I have gone to Chinatown, and it’s like a little Hong Kong. I also went to Brighton Beach where you feel like you are traveled to Odessa. As a child in New York City I have been exposed to people of many different heritages as well. I have friends from all sorts of different countries, from China to South Africa, and continue to follow my Jewish culture without being disparaged.

Not only is New York City the center of all economic business, with a stock market that fuels America’s economy, but it is also vibrant and free. Living in the City, I am able to live a liberal life, follow my own choices and go from rags to riches. In India, for example, one is set in a caste system at birth. In my life I have changed what I desired to do many times—from being a celebrity musician to an affluent banker. This is possible in a City that is the ideal place to seek the American Dream.

A child that lives in a rural area is not able to experience the same things as a child in New York City can. They can only dream of going to vibrant Time Square -- brilliant with different kinds of fluorescent lights that dazzle your eyes in amazement. These people are not able to indulge in a wide spectrum of savory food with the convenience that New York City brings. Many people who live in small towns spend their entire life in one place. I have traveled to three “towns” in one day using the subway. In suburban America, one is most likely not able to walk to their desired destination. I either walk or travel on a speeding train that glides across the rails beneath the City. Not to mention the buses on every corner.
Living in the city has changed me as a person. Not only have I been exposed to many cultures, and open to other beliefs but I have become very independent. I also noticed the true significance of the City after 9/11. Since the World Trade Center is not too far from my home, the incident really affected me. I was able to not only fathom how serious the occurrence was, but also how pivotal the City is and learned not to take it for granted. After observing this devastating occurrence, I realized how a City could be gone from the world just from one ghastly blow.

Most of all, living in the City has taught me how to take care of myself. Since everything here is so busy, children are forced to do a lot of things for themselves—including travel, taking care of money, and learning to be wary and street smart. This is advantageous for my future as it provides an introduction to going to college, where I will be forced to take care of myself.

And thanks to New York City, I can.


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