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Looking Out My Window

"You are sitting in the window of your own

apartment what are you seeing and hearing?"


I live in the Amsterdam projects, on the eight floor. I'm looking out my window this one fine day. What do I hear and see? I see a big building brown with bricks.

Then I look down and I see my friends playing by the flag pole. I hear them laughing and playing. I also see two big trees that are blocking my view of seeing the building on the other side of the projects. I can hear people playing basketball in the "Big Park" which is in the center of the projects. This is where everyone comes and hangs out. Meanwhile I live on the Av. no where near the park.

As I'm looking out my window I'm thinking how nice it would be if I could go and play with the rest of my friends.

I can remember, yesterday, when I was that somebody who someone else saw, when they were looking out their window.





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