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The Real Truth About The Stamps

Story by: Danielle Sullivan


In the very recent past, a rumor was circulating over the Internet and by word of mouth that the US Postal Service was not selling anymore Black Heritage stamps. This rumor isn't true and the US postal service put a special bulletin on their site stating that the rumor was a hoax. This isn't the first time this has happened. It has been done before. Someone started a similar rumor in Canada. I know for a fact that the rumor is not true because I have made several calls to the local post offices and their responses were that the Black Heritage stamps were not only still in circulation, but they were sold out and also the bulletin. They must be very popular to be sold out. It is very annoying when people misuse communication by spreading false information. When I say misuse of information I mean that they are cluttering up our Internet access and our phone lines. http://library.advanced.org/10320/

Some of the African Americans that are featured on some of these stamps are Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X.

You can Find some more African American Stamps at this location: http://library.advanced.org/10320/



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