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Stem-Cell Research:A Miracle Or Murder

by Christian Savage


President George W. Bush just recently made a highly controversial decision on whether the government should fund embryonic stem-cell research. "The question is whether we should protect life or, with the promises of science, prolong it," recited the rather perplexed president. Let us sit and analyze his decision.

What is embryonic stem-cell research? It is a very deadly scientific endeavor in which scientists buy male and female reproductive cells from fertility banks in order to fertilize [bring together] them, and then take the stem cells from these living organisms and possibly mutate the cells into biological organs and medicines to cure diseases like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and spinal cord injuries. However, in the process of this experiment, the "invented" living organisms die. Now, greedy HMOs and special-interest groups are lobbying President Bush to use taxpayer's dollars to fund this occult practice through CORPORATE WELFARE. In simpler terms, scientists intently create life to destroy it, and then ask the government to take tax dollars from welfare and other social programs to fund the massacre. "But," one would ask, "isn't it worth it if it will save lives?" Well, it could be a "divine" discovery, but why could the scientists not get your "miracle" stem cells when you were an embryo? Whoa! That would have created a Superman V. The same reason why your stem-cells were not taken is the same reason why "these" stem-cells cannot be taken.

How was President Bush's decision that "...Federal funds will be given only for the sixty existing stem-cell lines?" The president's decision was just as "dumb" as his decision not to count every vote in Florida. Well, if his decision was so "scholarly" because it appears as a brilliant political compromise due to the fact that it only funds the "already-dead" embryos, then all of the wealthy bank accounts of the victim's, God bless the dead, of the HORRIFIC and EVIL World Trade Center tragedy should be downloaded into our bank accounts. Hey, why not? They are already dead, am I right? Once again, the same reason why we should not take advantage of those "victims'" bank accounts because they are already dead is the same reason why we should not take advantage of the embryos that were already intently KILLED.

As you can visualize, the "miraculous" stem-cell research is more than the eye can see.

"I pity a culture that shows no respect for the sanctity of human life."
---President- select- George W. Bush---

Well, I guess Mr. President is going to have to start "pitying" himself. I hope that this dreadful and evil attack that just occurred in New York City will "Wake 'Liberal America' up and smell the coffee" and learn to respect LIFE from conception to natural death (That includes the Death Penalty too). Thank you.

E-mail: csavage@cardinalhayes.org


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