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The Dirt Down Under: Dirty Subways

by Obatunji McKnight
Photos by Jason Taylor


Have you ever noticed how filthy the subway stations always seem to be? Have you ever gotten sick and tired of looking at the same gum in the same spot on the subway floor-- for the past ten years?

Since some of the #2 line stations have been done over they think we will be satisfied. Nevertheless, I feel more should be done. I have noticed that when you refuse to accept anything except the best it is what you usually will get. We need to get more actively involved in maintenance of our communities because we are the ones who have to live in them.

The conditions currently found in subway stationscan be an eyesore to even the most desensitized rider. However this cannot be completely pinned on the MTA. We are the ones who litter and spit our gum in places besides the trash can. I can understand accidenally spilling a drink and having no way to clean it up. But gum? A potato chip bag? These objects cause us no inconvenience to put them where they belong. It's a few steps from a garbage can. Call it your daily workout if you want.

If all of us take that little bit of time and effort to start these habbits, it will be a huge step twards better and efficient services. Habbits like these also rub off on others. Take children for example. They copy all they see. All mannerisms and characteristics they see and copy. Those four extra steps you take to the garbage can turn into sixteen, because four children watched you and will repeat your actions when they find themselves in a similar position. In addition, by leaving less garbage for the MTA workers to clean you give them more time to work on the built-up grime and dirt and make your ride more pleasant.


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