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This Place....

I once dream of a place, a place of specialty that was. I once dream of a palace, a palace of joy and happiness. This home consists of the most outstanding wishes one might ever wish for. The wish of love, freedom, and joy. This dream of mine, which only lasted for the few seconds, was quickly vanished. Never again was I to dream of such great freedom, for I was only granted the wish to only remember such pleasure.

The freedom to dream, which many take for granted, this power of being able to imagine, is a great force and a fearful weapon. A vision of the future, a vision of change. This gift allowed me to view myself, for that moment, of being happy, a dream that was felt by my heart, my soul, and my spirit.

This place, which I only viewed in my dream, quickly became a place that I built in my world. With effort, dreams can become simple realities, as it did for me, for many of us have more powers than we realize.

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