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Science And Religion!!!!

by Rocky Kabir


Science and religion had the biggest impact in my life. In high school I read an essay by the famous physicist Albert Einstein. In Einstein's essay he talked about how religious beliefs and science are conflicting. What are my beliefs on religion, God and science? How has Einstein's beliefs change my point of view on religion and science? Einstein is basically trying to explain the difference between knowledge and belief.

Einstein says that beliefs are when you have no evidence, or superstition. Edu cation opens the door to knowledge. However, Einstein believed that "imagination is more important then knowledge". Religion tries to make one ask for a more logical reason for illogical things. Is it one's own logic to do the right thing or is it because of fear of God we should do the right thing? To make an individual believe that a more powerful force exists all around us and an individual will be judged after death.

But I wonder, if God is so powerful , whom is he trying to impress with all this power? Science, on the other hand , gives us a system to follow in order to understand and question. Some people are afraid that there wouldn't be any morals or any boundaries but I think that our common sense should be our guide. I agree with Einstein in some cases. I think people turn to religion to answer illogical things. Religion and science shouldn't conflict either because they are two different issues. We use the methods that science provide for us to get answers but only for knowledge, not to criticize any one belief.

However, I think religion is often excuses. For example, in some sects of Islam it's a sin to eat pork or for women to show their face in front of men. My opinion is, pork is not such healthy meat so they decided not to eat pork but they also put that in the Koran. But we like to use religion as an excuse to do certain things. Women are not allowed to show their faces in public because of the perverse mind of men. Now as I am living my life, me and two other of my friends have made our own definition of religion. We call it common sense. Everyone should have the ability to define their own right or wrong.

Every one chooses their own path. What they do today is a reflection of tomorrow. But I now turn to the methods of science to look for answers. I have noticed some people don't want to believe anything that would prove their views wrong. No one wants to be wrong. Ninety nine percent of the time the answers to my questions were logical. If it is not easy to explain than there is an easier explanation for it. But the best way to live is to take advantage of every opportunity and every moment, to do everything without regretting.

Einstein's assertion presents wonderful food for thought. I'm glad I tackled this one and delved in a little. Now, here is a little more to think about. What if you (like the late member of the Beatles, Lennon) decide to consider things that do not yet exist. What if instead of using common sense... we apply ourselves to use some uncommon sense... Perhaps we too could "dream things that never were and say... why not?"

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