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Date posted:3/19/02

Excuse Me Ms.

by Jarret Fulton


Despite our pleasant Interaction
She showed no sexual attraction
I got tired of giving out simple suggestion
But it was obvious that she wasn’t interested
Baby girl got me arouse when she stood there next to me
Had all the right curves that came with a nice set of accessories

She looked straight ahead sucking on her lollipop
Just two pedestrian chillin’ on the bus stop
Not a real sweetheart, but you know I had to have it

She told me commitment was something she couldn’t manage
Getting this girl would be two steps short of a miracle
I came to her simple and direct but she made it quite difficult

I can see the bus down the street creepin'
I know that she'll just get on and she’ll be gone
So I finally told her my direction and tried to clarify it
She just gave me a look and stood there quiet
Only taking her to the movie was apart of the plan
But she told me to screw off and she already got a man
Despite the response, I didn’t feel embarrassed
But this isn’t a story I would’ve told the fellas
She entered the bus and was outta my life
I came back the following week
What I saw amazed me more than it will amaze you

Her not kissing her man, but a
form of a human being that qualified to be her wife.



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