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Date posted:0128-02

Sexual Frustration

by Jarett Fulton


A Letter written a thousand miles away from home:

I think of her being in a new place and territory
I think of her locked away in my dormitory
I think of her, dreaming of her shape, of her thickness
I think of her when someone says that love has no limit

Few people know that love is so delicate
But my love for her is so evident
Thoughts of me holding her puts my mind at ease
Picture her curves underneath that T-shirt and those tight-ass jeans
The games people play to me it’s a mystery
And this is why it is so hard for two people to have the right chemistry

She’ll be there if I was 40 with a $5.95/hr occupation
When the wind whispers her name my mind perceives an inspiration
Holding, touching, loving her; building a climax
Just the touch of her fingertips makes me relax

The texture of her skin puts me into ecstasy
I’m not a chef, but baby girl you got a tight recipe
Change my mind, my thoughts, but not my image
Of her, loving her till start to finish

Remember looking at her brown eyes while ice cream run down her lips
From here on out it’s time for us to start a relationship
Being away, a thousand miles away, I miss those personal conversations
Her presence, her warmth, her touch that gives me a sexually sensation
My search for another was hard in this thousand square mile wilderness
Only cause sorrow and bitterness

Have to admit, that times became harder
Losing our innocence in my mother Sonata
Those days are gone, we are no longer the shells of an adolescence
But since then things has been stressing
What I’d do to be touch by her tender kiss
She going to spend nights with a limp cause when I get home she wont be able
to handle this

Sexually frustrated, I guess?!



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