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by Shadai Payne


The same shit every year
nothing really changes
ghettos still ghettos
and the poor remain nameless
just thrown in a system of everlasting torment
Fat cats on thier thrones
and the homeless still without home
the world is fucked up but who really cares

Its the same shit every yearAIDS isnt cured
but a man went to the moon
pollution is a major problem
but theres nothing we can do
we messed the world up
theres nothing we can do
just sit back and watch
the planet go boom!
The innocent are dead but whos really innocent
everyone sins and thats a fact
do what u want ur religion is urs
keep ur nose out my business
you’ll live a bit more
but that isnt the problem

the problem are the people
we make the world go round
and round
everythings gotta end
so why waste time
do what u gotta do, while you still have the time
heed these words and remember my tone
you think you have life now
but it isnt here
always and forever


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