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Date Posted:11-26-01
This poem does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the Harlemlive Staff.

Unfortunate . Sadistic . America

by Thomas Slater


I'm in a situation thats easily understandable,
they don't want me to speak the truth so they mask me like Hannibal,
rebel against the government by the truth of mind,
I become more of a marked man by the covered up secrets I find,
House is wired, coworkers physically fired,
reward is on my head for the most desired.

Surveillance cars, undercover tenders in bars,
asking questions while people giving suggestions,
see and say plus my girl probably works for the CIA,
try to stop me from showing the truth behind the political lies,
my friends are more like government spies,
they don't want me to spread the truth disease,
like telling young ones Vietnam was all about rubber Trees,
the government will betray us like back in the 70’s.

Even today the lies are still in the USA,
we been bombing them forever but it only took them a day,
Not the leader of the group just continental bullies,
they could have taken Bin Laden away before the attack,
but they need his money for drugs, and the seller is the CIA and that's a fact,
even now it all seems too big to be true,
the US needed money so maybe the government was a part of the attacks, too.

Look at the truth now millions of dollars coming in,
they don't need that much money but yet the government still wins,
its a faster way of collecting taxes and monthly dues,
Look at the facts my friends because they also control the news,
look at Fernando Ferrer he was completely misplaced,
they said he was going to "colorize" the board now he's out of the race,
a racial campaign during the time of healing,
is this our United States or do you know what I'm feeling?


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