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Governor Pataki vetoed the bill that would have allowed the "morning after pill" called Plan B to be sold over to counter in pharmacies all over New York. This pill works to prevent pregnancy within 72 hours of having unprotected sexual intercourse. More..


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Hasn’t it been almost every woman’s dream to not have to be plagued by the regular monthly visit from, the period? Well this dream may just become a reality. more

In the previous article, the role of the media in child obesity was explored. Now, let’s explore the role of the parents. Ah, the parents, the caretakers, the ones who control what their child(ren) can and cannot watch on TV, the ones who can prevent their child(ren) from being exposed to these scheming advertisements. more

You're in high school, or junior high, and you're fat. Your stomach exceeds your chest, you go to school and have to deal with kids pointing and laughing at you. After school, you come home and you feel so ashamed about yourself that you cry and eat Twinkies and Oreos to drown your sorrows...more

It seems like it was just yesterday that my 14 year-old step-brother and I were looking at teen pictures and joking about them after seeing them on these ridiculous online dating sites. Now, my brother is the butt of someone else's joke, thanks to this online dating site called Localhookupz.com...more The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is committed to continuing efforts to prevent teen pregnancy and to encourage teens to remain abstinent. But abstinence is a huge problem in the city because of curiosity, the media and peer pressure...more The SPEEK program is a special service given by Mount Sinai Adolescent Health center. It's for youth from ages 12-21. It educates young youth on what's going on in today society, for example drugs, sex, and much more...more