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"Top 5 Hottest Clothing Line"

by Malik Wilson


In the clothing industry there are many styles and types of clothes. In the urban community there maybe one to three kinds of styles. Every one of them try to make up their own style but fail because everybody is into one thing right now and that is basically what ever the hottest rapper is wearing. In this article you will find out who is the top clothing company. Lets Go!

5. Willie Esco:

The reason that Willie Esco came in at five is because he has a different style. Being that it's not the same thing that Sean John or Phat Farm is making is not doing as well. With the low promotion deal that he has he's not as big as the other companies out there, but he has one of those styles that stick out.

4. Karl Kani:

Karl Kani has been out since 1992 and the urban community has continued to support him. With his new jean outfits it will raise sells for him. He was one of the first black clothing designers and blazed it up with his sweaters and jeans. Every rapper from EPMD to LL Cool J wore his clothes in their videos. Now with hip-hop artist like Redman doing commercials for his company, I know he will make it hot this summer.

3. FUBU:

FUBU has shown that black children can do something and be somebody. As you can see, the designers and owners are black. FUBU stands for For Us By Us. They made up to $10 million dollars in 1999. Just think how much they will make in the year 2000.


2: Sean John:

When this clothing line first came out it quickly became a hit. Especially with Puff Daddy, Bad Boy Entertainment CEO, it gets a lot of promotion deals. With advertising in such magazines like The Source, Blaze ect., it made over $15 million in sales in the year 1999. And like FUBU, I can't wait to see what's going to happen in the year 2000.


1: Phat Farm:

Phat Farm has been out since 1992 and did not jump off. Since late 1997, it has been become the biggest hit since Tommy Hilfiger. In the late year of 1998 and the year of 1999 Phat Farm made $60 million dollars just in children clothes. I know it made at least $80 million dollars in adults clothes.



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